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Here at MOHNZ we’re committed to not only providing quality products and services,
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  • MOHNZ is  committed  to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again.

  • At MOHNZ we never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve New Zealand and its needs.

  • All our products are proudly made in New Zealand for New Zealand and the rest of the Globe.

  • We are very conscious and  committed to the preservation of our environment and are keen to talk to any one of the same values.

  • We are here for a short time lets not ruin it for future generations.

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MOHNZ, who have developed a world-leading illumination system LUMEN TRACK.  It is a product that you may want to consider for proposed and existing resort developments, Bridges, walkways, you are working on.


We have been working on the product’s sustainability, including materials and supply chain.  The product is very robust and lights areas without the use of electricity, making it a sustainable light source and reducing carbon emissions/power costs, the soft light is also very good for reducing light pollution, which has negative impacts in the coastal setting and on many marine organisms.  click on their Logo above to go to their site  


Managing Director/Environmental Scientist, eCoast Ltd
• Director, Eco Surf Viti Ltd
• Lecturer and Research Provider, Unitec.


Can be used to provide guidance in any potentially hazardous area that requires visible markings at night  in the event of no light being available.


In the case of an earthquake, fire, or any natural disaster and you need to exit the building in the dark because the power is out, What do you do when you get outside? and where do you go? 

LUMEN TRACK  will guide you to safety.

Illumination TIME

Can provide 12+ hours of illumination in normal circumstances and up to 30 hours in emergency situations.





Supplied with LUMEN TRACK Inserted at standard size of 2m x 100mm x 100mm 

Choose from Timber or Aluminum 


  • Designed and made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.​


  • UV resistant and extremely high- and low-tempreture resistant.

  • Hard wearing and durable with 20+ years life expectancy.

  • Non Intrusive to animals and plant life.


  • Polycarbonate material with anodised 6060/T5 aluminium.


  • Various application methods and lengths available.

  • Can be printed on for promotional needs or sponsorship.

  • Exceeds NZS standards (NZS 4121 and also meets NZBC F6 "Visibility in Escape Routes."


  • 10 year Warranty.


Stair Nosing

Non-slip corner edging fixed to steps.



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Product Application

The LUMEN TRACK can be utilised in a wide number of circumstances and locations.
See the Gallery below to see both the safety and aesthetic benefits the LUMEN TRACK can provide.

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PHOTO Gallery

Click on image for full view.

Rangitoto Doc-Day
Rangitoto Doc-night
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Competitor Review


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  • There are numerous applications in the market that are imported from China and other countries around the world. We have found that the quality varies considerably from how the product is adhered to different surfaces, and how they react to New Zealand’s UV penetration, causing discolouration and in time over all collapse of the product. MOHNZ is able to produce a unique photoluminescent product based on polycarbonate to compete with New Zealand weather conditions.

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Pricing Summary


Flexible sizing and pricing:

  • Up to 6.0 M lengths of aluminium anodised track

  • Smaller requirements made to order

  • Local Bodies and Government Departments will have a pricing structure to suit individual projects, contact your Procurement Officer or Project manager.

  • GST and shipping costs excluded

  • Discounts for orders over 500 metres

  • Contact us for tailored commercial quotes

Bridge into the Woods


  • Unique NZ made product for NZ conditions

  • Environmentally friendly / Non-toxic

  • Fully recyclable

  • Non intrusive to animal and plant life

  • Competitively priced

  • Smart long-term investment

  • Various application methods

  • Flexible sizing

  • Short order cycles / lead times

  • The product’s sustainability, including materials and supply chain.  The product is very robust and lights areas without the use of electricity 

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  • Determine suitable location requirements

  • Establish order requirements and timeframes

  • Become an agent for your area

  • Introduce registered Installers in your area

  • Contact TODAY to place initial order

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Our Team

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Michael Hamilton

Managing Director

Michael Hamilton
+64 29 268 2779


After a thriving career in different businesses, MOHNZ was pleased to welcome Michael to the team. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, He's helped to make us what we are today. 
Executive Committee Member New Zealand Fiji Business Council    
Major achievements:

  • Being a high achiever in sales nationally for brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, and Citroen

  • Awarded Audi Sales manager of the year Premium Status

  • Running the team that raised over $50K for the Christchurch earthquake relief fund by way of having an open day at the Farmer Motor Group TGA for Phil Rudd (Drummer for ACDC). We had on display some of the 28 cars that I had sold him over 18 months, the most expensive one being the Ferrari F40 valued close to $1 million 

  • Facilitating the event of the Audi R8 V10 racing the Air force Jet at Tauranga air show.

  • Being part of the management team that produced the Corporate boxing event in Tauranga raising over $80k for Waipuna Hospice. Over 2500 attendees for this black tie event

  • Attending Vehicle releases in Dubai, Germany, and Prague. Why is this a major event? ..... I was one of 8 in the country to attend.

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Olga Hamilton


+64 21 159 3301


Olga is an essential part of the team, and has been with MOHNZ since the very beginning. As one of our Directors, She has worked with and helped customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Olga brings to MOHNZ her high level skills in Civil Law and contractual agreements to the company. Olga prides herself in attention to detail to ensure our customers are getting the very best we at MOHNZ can offer. Please feel free to contact her at any time to discuss your requirements.

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Brand Manager

Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Design & Brand Management and is a current Director of his own Design Agency, Brandmedia. From the outset, Jeff quickly identified the potential The Lumen Track has to offer and is committed to building a Brand that will become synonymous with safety for outdoor and indoor walking spaces.

Jeff prides himself on fully immersing himself into a Brand's DNA, ensuring it stays true to its word. Together with the rest of the MOHNZ Team, Jeff looks forward to building the MOHNZ business into a well established and trusted Brand.


Edward Grey

Distributor to Fiji and Pacific Islands

I was born and educated in Fiji, immigrated to New Zealand through Business Secondment in 2000 within the Fire Industry, being in the capacity of Portable Fire Equipment Manager, my current experience in the industry is over 40 years, in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, still hold a great passion for the Fire Industry, registered my Business, Portable Fire Equipment Ltd, in 2021.

Dr Shaw Mead.jpg

Click on logo  icon  to view website

DR Shaw Mead

Environmental Scientist

Dr Mead’s background in coastal oceanography and marine ecology, specialising in hydrodynamic and sediment transport numerical modelling, coastal processes, coastal hazards and beach management, coastal structures/processes interactions, marine ecology and aquaculture, allows him to effectively bridge the multidisciplinary gap between physical processes and marine ecological impacts. His PhD thesis in physical oceanography is based on a series of peer-reviewed papers that together with more than 30 popular articles, have presented novel techniques to record the shape of the seabed at surfing breaks, specify the breaking intensity of waves and to break-down surf breaks into their morphological components using numerical modelling.


Dr Mead’s research and consulting have led to major advances in our knowledge of offshore reefs for the development of multiple-use structures (coastal protection, amenities such as surfing, wind-surfing, diving, fishing, and ecological enhancement), and have incorporated numerical modelling of waves, currents and sediment transport to develop the designs and assess the impacts of coastal structures over a large range of spatial and temporal scales. Dr Mead is a world-leader in the discipline of surf science and multi-purpose reef design and research, enabling the incorporation of high-quality surfing reefs into multi-purpose coastal structures. This work has also been applied to the development of recreational wave-pool designs and patents, and advising on wave generation techniques for a range of applications (e.g. for water scenes in the King Kong movie, the development of a multi-wave surf pool facility, etc.). He has also applied surf science to the protection and understanding of natural surfing breaks, was instrumental in the incorporation of New Zealand’s nationally significant surfing breaks 2 into the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS, 2010), and was recently part of a government-funded research team developing the world’s first set of management and protection guidelines for surf breaks.


Commercially, Dr Mead has been involved in development of beach management and coastal remediation/protection strategies, assessments of coastal hazards, marina and beach design, ecological and physical effects of marine construction, dredging, oil industry1 and aquaculture ventures, ecological and physical effects of subdivisions and outfalls, development of climate change resilience strategies to sea level rise, and the management and protection of surfing breaks.

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